Teacher Tips using Art to Stimulate Creative Writing

Teaching can become quite repetitive after a time and it is always a good idea to come up with new ideas on how to get points across to students. Creative writing can be the bane of a student’s existence or it can be the highlight of his day if his teacher can come up with innovative and interesting methods of teaching this particular class.  One artistic way of assigning intriguing writing assignments is to use art to inspire and motivate young minds. Some tips on writing projects that focus on art include writing about :

An Abstract Painting 

Abstract art can mean many things to many different individuals. A teacher can choose one work, set it in front of the class on an easel so all can see, and ask the class to write an essay on what they see when they look at this particular piece. It will be amazing the amount of different responses the instructor will receive. There will be no right answer – the assignment can be graded on creativity, grammar, sentence structure and spelling. This exercise will simultaneously introduce students to abstract art and allow them to use their own creative writing skills.   

Changes in an Artist’s Work

Three or four of the same artist’s work can be displayed in the chronological order in which they were painted. The students can write about how they perceive how the artist changed, grew or bettered their craft. They can write out examples of what they see in the paintings. For example, Van Gogh’s work changed significantly throughout his career as an artist. Some of his work was very traditional while others had the characteristics of more modern painting.    

Similar Artists 

The works of two similar artists can be displayed side by side and the students can write a short essay on their similarities. They can also comment on what appears to be their differences and which one they feel is the better artist. 

Artists from the Same Time in History 

The works of two artists from the same time in history can also be presented. Essays can be written on the dress, politics and general thinking of that time and how it relates to the paintings of these professionals. Not only will the students work on art and writing, they will also be exposed to history.

The arts are all tied in together and using each area of interest to ignite curiosity and learning in the other is the true purpose in studying these fascinating fields. Creative writing opens doors to so many other avenues that teachers should always look for ways to foster interest in other areas of study while teaching this class.