Teachers Attire

The way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Dressing goes beyond physical appearance, it conveys value system and imbibed virtues. As teachers we must be careful as the way we appear as this leave a significant impression on both the parents and the pupils. The parents will be comfortable if they see a responsibly dressed adult taking care and instructing their children. The way a teacher dresses also contribute to his/her level of confidence in the class and school environment thereby enhancing the receptiveness of  the students.

Teachers are expected to be individuals that command respect in the society. The way you dress to work also speaks volumes on the importance you place on your job. The teaching profession is one of the lowest paid jobs and that can also get into the psyche of teachers making them to take many things for granted. But for someone who has taken the profession as a calling and also derives a sense of purpose and joy from it, the respect and the pay package will not affect his/her morale. A teacher’s appearance has a lot to do with his efficiency on the job.

These are some ideas that may help in choosing acceptable attires as teachers:

#1. Be discreet: – In as much as we try to be trendy as teachers, we must ensure that whatever we wear is discreet. Ladies should try to wear skirts that are knee length and trousers that are not excessively tight. Attention must be given to the kind of blouse that the ladies wear so that cleavages are not exposed; this will be a great distraction to the older boys especially in high school. We had a situation once, where one of our female teachers who happen to be a little busty wears low blouses that show much cleavage. We discovered that many of the boys were much distracted by this and the school management had to strongly advise her to adjust her wardrobe. The school is a place where morality must be given high priority. Male teachers must endeavour to tuck in their shirts and look smart. Jeans trousers should be worn only when the occasion demands. Colour combination both for male and female must be given adequate attention. Colour riot can disrupt your lessons.

#2. Be appropriate: – our sense of fashion as teachers must be high as we are meant to be models to the upcoming generation. When there are special occasions, our dressing must match the event. For instance a three-piece suit will be inappropriate for sports event in the school. Jeans and t-shirt will just be fine. But ensure that those jeans are without wholes on the knees. Whenever you are going to meet with parents, whether for a conference or other special issues, formal dressing is highly recommended.

#3. Shoe and jewelry:- it is very essential to be moderate with the kind of shoes that we put on. Ladies shoe be wary of high heel shoes in learning environment since teaching requires moving around a lot. Those high heel shoes make a lot of noise and bring enormous distraction. Guys should endeavour to wear not too big a shoe that is meant for long distance hiking and mountaineering but moderate shoe that makes them comfortable moving around in the classroom and hallway.

#4. Make up and others:- Ladies should try and be temperate with makeup. I am not advocating a plain appearance, but the makeup should not be too ‘loud’. Hair style should also be moderate, not the type that will require you adjusting them intermittently. Guys should shave regularly; an unkempt beard or moustache tells a lot about an individual.

Teachers are models; not as celebrities but standards for good and proper conduct. So attention must be given to the way we appear. Our attire must never be a distraction, but a tool to arrest the students’ attention. As role models, we are expected to be prim and proper always.