Teaching about Asia

Asia is by far the largest continent, comprising 29% of the land mass found on the planet. It is divided into 47 countries that speak over 100 different languages, and that doesn’t include local dialects! It has the largest man-made structure on Earth (The Great Wall of China is more massive than all the pyramids combined) and is scattered with history, much forgotten, but some that go back several thousand years. An easy theme for a bulletin board.

A map of Asia would be the basis for the bulletin board, with lines separating out the different countries and regions. It might be hard to include some of the small countries such as Bhutan and Singapore, but squeeze them in on the map. There should definitely be the major geological features, the Plains of Mongolia and the Mighty Himalayas. What else should be included? It depends upon what one wants the board to emphasize and how much effort one wants to put into it!

You can start with history, centering if around the Great Wall of China. There are the cities and ruins in Persia, China, India, Cambodia, and Thailand. Part of the Middle East is also part of Asia and has many historic sites and cities. One could plot out the Old Silk Highway and the trading routes. Assign these topics and areas to different members of the class and ask them to either find photos on the Internet or make illustrations of them. Then place these on the board.

Then you should include modern roads and cities, and see how they compare! Obtain photographs of modern structures, dams and rivers, show how things have changed overtime, or have stayed the same! You can show where the Chinese Space Port is located and then the site of the recent Olympics. The students will all find this fascinating and fun, and help with the board.

Now the Bulletin needs some life, so add in some animals and have the class draw them as well. Tigers are always popular and then mix in a few snow leopards and don’t forget the Pandas. There are also monkeys and Lemurs, which the children may not know are there. And don’t forget the rhinoceros, Asia has 3 species. You might even throw in a cat of Siam and stick a Yeti in Tibet!

Finding things to put on a bulletin board for Asia isn’t the hard part, limiting the things might be!