Teaching about North Carolina

The Visit North Carolina tourism website states that “North Carolina welcomes you with charming historical towns, adventure and leisure, fabulous shopping and golf, and some of the kindest weather you’ll ever meet. Unique experiences await in each of NC’s the three distinct regions, the mountains, the piedmont and the coast. You’ll find Southern hospitality, friendly people …”. The site is designed to attract people to the state and the same principles can be used to draw students to your bulletin board about North Carolina, may it as appealing as possible!

Start with an enlarged copy of this brightly coloured map and then place the silhouette on the bulletin board. It clearly delineates all the counties and makes them easy to find. Cut out each county from a different piece of paper. The supplied map should may that easy to do. Now it is time to get the class involved and let them do some work!

North Carolina has well over 100 counties and each one has something unique about it. For example the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the Oldest State university in America, the first motorized flight took place at Kitty Hawk, Blackbeard was from North Carolina! There are also parks, historic monuments and rare plants all over the state. Assign each child a county and have them get a photograph of something important or odd in it. Those photos can easily be obtained from public sites on the Internet!

Cut the photographs into shapes of the county, and put them on your board. Now make flaps with the county names and place them over the pictures. The title of the board could be “Take a Peek into the counties of North Carolina”. People will have fun looking under the flaps, and it won’t just be the students!

Of course around the sides of the state and over the top you should post images of the state symbols of North Carolina. They can all be found with illustrations and pictures on the State Library of North Carolina Website. There is an extremely wide selection and may not be room for all!

State bulletin boards should be to help the class learn about the individual state. This one is a bit complex and time consuming, but can prove quite valuable and entertaining. Get the students to help and it will be easier, as well as more educational for them.