Teaching Girls and Boys – Yes

It is generally believed by most teachers that girls have always been the easier student to teach because their language acquisition skills.  Girls are our great communicator who on the most part have complete command of their cultural language.  Let’s admit it “girls can talk your head off.” They are great listeners, given to details, focus on what is being said, retain information both negative and positive, have a great long term and short term memory,  can discern and communicate information well both written and verbal. They basically perform very well on school performance examinations and in class written papers.  They sit and listen to teachers unlike boys who have a tendency of being distracted easily. 

Boys historically want to do their own thing, listen when it interest them, retain information that will benefit them and ignore the rest, they are daydreamers, playful, not serious about their education.  Boys have to be prod ed to stay on task and to do their class work.  Boys are usually in a hormonal jungle where their testosterone runs rampant and manhood is their only concern.  They have a natural tendency to be lords of the jungle and rule the class room teacher, flirt with, court and amuse the girls in their class.  They literally have “ants in their pants” and can not sit down for one minute to learn and apply classroom information.  They have short memory spans, and long term memory does not exist.  Their performance on tests are sometimes poor because of their lack of learning control, motivation,  and their absence of focus and detail.   

Not to say that boys cannot learn they just have to be guided to learn by a disciplined, strong, dedicated, and demanding classroom teacher who will teach them to control their behavior, think logically, know and understand the information that is taught, and learn to discipline themselves during classroom time. 

Girls on the other hand will sit and learn pertinent information that is taught them because girls want to know and understand the information that is communicated by a teacher ( preferably a female teacher that they admire.)   Girls are easier than boys to teach because they have the hardwired language skills to know, understand, retain long term and short term information, and communicate that information when necessary to apply it to exams, classroom papers, homework, and general conversation.  Girls love to communication information that they learn because it gives them a “one up” on others whom they communicate with during a given place and time.