Teaching Kids how to Deal with Bullies at School

At one time or another everyone deals with a bully and everyone handles it in their own way. One way to deal with a bully is to try and talk it out with that person. Most of the time bullies are usually insecure themselves and they may just be blowing off steam because they don’t know how to deal with their own problems. But not all bullies are so innocent. Some actually get enjoyment out of seeing someone else suffer. Making someone else feel small and helpless may be the highlight of their day. If nothing seems to work with the bully but they continue the harassment then you may need some outside help. A parent, a counselor, or teacher should be able to help.

The parent of the bully should be informed of what their kid is doing because there might be problems at home that even they’re not aware of. Family fights and arguments can cause a kid to take out their fear of domestic problems and become angry at school. Sometimes though, even the parents of the bully can be bullies because bullying is a learned behavior. If there is still nothing being done to fix the situation the principal or, if needed, the school board can be contacted to solve the problem. The bully will probably be suspended at this point depending on how severe the situation is.

Bullying leads to many child suicides, low self esteem, bad grades, broken friendships, misbehavior, depression in children, and effects them more than most people realize. It is very important to come to a conclusion to solve the bullying problem. Often in these situations the bully will become physical and start harming another person or vandalizing a person’s property. If parents and teachers stay actively involved in fixing the situation the bully will usually stop their behavior. If the bully doesn’t stop numerous suspensions or even expulsion may occur so that the problem child can not attend school.

It is important as a parent to stay involved in your child’s life, whether your child is the bully or the victim. Make honesty and trust an important part of home life so that children learn important values. No one wants to see their child go down a bad path for their life. The sooner the bullying stops the sooner school life can be better for all children. Though it may seem like something small, there are many consequences for one person’s mistakes.