Teaching Kids how to Deal with Bullies at School

You should teach your kids to deal with bullies that they have at their school and teach them what to do if a bully tries to bully them. It is important to show your kids how to respond to some bully situations.

 You need to tell your kids if a bully comes up to him or her and asks for something like their lunch money or their school supplies that they should stand up to the bully and say no.

If the bully attacks you or steals something that is yours you should not fight back because it could make the situation a lot worse or tell an adult or teacher about your kid’s situation.

The teacher or principal should take action in these events, but if they don’t you might have to come in and tell the teacher or principal right away before it gets to be too much of a problem in your child’s life at school.

Did you know that millions of kids get bullied at school each year? Whoa those stats are crazy and that is only in the U.S. I have another question, did you know that if bullying gets so bad some children and teens commit suicide because they are so sick of getting bullied around. You should stand up and look confident about yourself.

You should hang out with your friends or a grown up so the bully won’t want to get caught. Don’t look sad or terrified because they like it when you are scared. They feel happy when they make someone else feel sad. You might even want to ask them to be your friend because they might be bullying you because they don’t have friends themselves.

 Try to get the bullying stopped before it is too late. Tell them if someone ever tries to bully you then tell it to me as soon as it happens. One family’s son was bullied at school and the kid’s parents did not know about it and the kid hanged himself from a ceiling fan.

I have been bullied from some kids before in my life. I told the teacher and I did not let them make me mad and they never bullied me again. The kid who bullied me is now my friend. It might not always turn out like my story, but they won’t bully you.

This is why you should teach your kids about how to deal with bullying and to always tell you if bullying is happening to them.