Teaching Swimming Safety

Bulletin boards area fun way to teach young children about various subjects.  The large board with brightly colored scenes with catch their eye and, hopefully, stimulate their interest in the subject.  That is how a bulletin board should work.  And one topic that is an excellent choice for a bulletin board is swimming safety.  Every year millions of children head out to ponds, lakes rivers and the coast to go swimming, and some don’t come back or come back injured because they didn’t know simple water safety rules.  Schools are to educate and teach the children how to survive in the world, that includes water safety,

How does one go about setting up a bulletin board for water safety, start in the class as it is to be and educational experience.  Mention that summer is coming up and many will be going to areas where water is the main activity. Get them to tell you what can go wrong.  The replies should be numerous and will hopefully get everyone to thinking.  There is the obvious drowning from getting in to deep water, the oceans the class will think about sharks and jellyfish, plus the undertow that rakes you from the shore and then drowns you so you can be eaten by the sharks.  They need to also think about boat propellers, diving in to shallow water and hitting your head, snakes and trash under the water.

Now that the class knows the hazards, ask how they can be prevented.  Swimming on only safe areas where there is either a lifeguard or adult supervision, not swimming in areas where there are lots of boats.  Going in the water and checking the depth before diving off the sides.  Keeping your trash picked up and hoping others will do the same.  It can also be swimming only with friends and watching each other, and not playing to many jokes while swimming like the little boy who cried wolf.

Now the board becomes simple, have the class do it.  They draw sketches of dangerous places to swim, showing the hazards such as rocks in the water or sharks offshore.  They also draw safe places and safety tips, friends swimming together or with a lifeguard watching.  Put the drawings on the board with safe swimming on one side and unsafe swimming on the other.  It is as simple as that.

This bulletin board on swimming safety is easy, stimulates thought and conversation about the subject, and gets everybody involved!