Teaching Tools what are Mini Offices

Mini offices are an official sounding term referring to a summary of information covered by teacher and student. What makes a mini office so useful and fun to use is that it is in essence  several folders, also known as lapbooks, grouped together.

These mini offices truly are handy in that they contain significant information at one’s fingertips, are easy to use and more so, fun to make! Yes, that’s right; it can become a class activity. This way the student may find it even more important and in creating his mini office himself will remember exactly where the information is. Besides, whatever one exerts an effort for has an imperative quality to it.

One may wonder where exactly these mini folders can come in handy. Truly, they can come in handy in all subjects and there are quite a few websites to help one get started. For example, in studying the multiplication it would be an ideal way for primary school students to revise and focus. First acquire two file folders [or more depending on what you are planning to lay out], next glue them together. The next thing one should do is decide what should be presented on the first, second, third page and so on.

One way to do it would be to add the same number again and again on the first page: e.g. 2+2 = 4,   2+2+2 = 6, 2+2+2 +2 = 8, etc.  [pictures could accompany the numbers]

Then on the following page the numbers should be written again only this time in multiplication fashion:  e.g. 2×2 = 4,   2×3 = 6, 2×4 = 8, etc.                                                              

To help the student focus, multiplier as well as the product could be colored. The file pages should continue until all numbers are done. If a folder file page is left over, pictures may be placed which display what had been written in the previous pages.  

Concluding, it cannot be stressed enough how helpful mini offices are for quick, easy and constant revision necessary for learning.