Teaching Young Girls

Little girls, everybody considers them to be sweet, little docile students that sit and soak up the education, or at least those do that don’t deal with them in significant numbers.  At one point in time many cultures felt that you needed to be careful educating females, their brain might overheat and explode!  This is interesting because it means that most of our teaching methods have been aimed at the male side of society.  fortunately, there are teaching methods that appeal to girls.

For successfully teaching either sex, you need to find out what they are interested in and then find a way to apply that to subject matter.  Boys are generally interested in action and even sports whereas girls are more fashion conscious, cooking and being, as my daughter put it ” a mother like Mummy.”  Thus boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tail’s while girls are sugar and spice and everything nice.  This is of course stereotyping, but it can be useful for developing teaching methods.

Little girls like to read about other little girls, and so get them girl books.  This doesn’t mean that they have to be simple or easy, just on things that little girls will enjoy.  They can have action and excitement. Thee is an excellent list at the Education Oasis Website with over 150 choices.  If they read as many as possible it will strengthen every young lady’s reading skills, and they will enjoy doing it!

For math, it is mainly convincing them it is useful.  Boys can build forts and catapults (and so can girls), but as stated earlier, girls are more fashion conscious, so try fashion.  In the Caribbean, young girls are taught numbers by learning to sew.  They make hats, shirts and skirts, and in some cases are taught knitting.  all this requires addition, subtraction and numbers, and it is fun.  They can often get the mothers and grandmothers to help!

Science for young girls is mainly nutrition and cooking, and cooking is just edible chemistry!  Teach the girls about chemistry and biology by mixing different food ingredients and then watching what happens.  Let an egg soak in vinegar for a few days and put celery stalks in food coloring.  Then explain what is happening, it is an appealing way to teach science to young children in general, not just girls!

Teaching methods that appeal to girls are what every gets the principles across in an interesting fashion!