Technology and Learning

Learning has changed in the past decades and it will continue to progress in the future. This includes the use of technology as a learning tool.

Over the past few decades, technology has improved to include items such as the copy machine, the word processor, the hand held calculator and of course, the computer. Each of these items has had an impact on education and in many ways has made the path to learning easier, but there are other ways that children can learn with modern technology.

Many children have access to video games or computer games. These seemingly time-consuming games can help children learn to be better thinkers. Through these devises, children learn reasoning skills as they think how one action leads to another. They learn critical thinking skills as they see there may many different solutions to one problem. Younger children can learn skills such as reading skills or hand-to-eye coordination. The trick to helping children learn through these games is to find games that interest them, however, limiting their time so they are not only learning through this method.

There are companies that offer children books that read aloud, just by the child pressing a want to a certain place on the book. Some may see this as a lazy way of learning, however, this is not any different than a teacher standing in front of a class, pointing out each word as they are reading a story.

Technology can be educational in many ways. Individual computers can help students, teachers and parents stay connected, even after school hours. Using the computer in this way helps students remember assignments and can help be a communication tool so that parents are in-touch with what the expectations are for the student by the teacher, and if there are areas that parents, teacher and student need to keep on top of.

Today’s world is full of different approaches to presenting reports, instead of standing in front of a classroom, discussing how a machine works. Students now can use the internet to help show a dissection of a machine or the heart, and show in living color the explanations of the intricate workings of the items.  Or instead of talking about chemistry equations that are too dangerous to show in the classroom, they can now be demonstrated by use of graphics and shown to the entire class. There can even be programs where students can show what could happen if a different element were added to the equation. It helps to bring life to learning.

Technology has helped students in ways they are not even aware of, and when there is a reluctant learner, this may be a positive thing.