Testimonies how to Hook the Reluctant Reader

I have spent many hours with reluctant readers. I have found the magic key to the world of reading is interest. In order to enjoy the process of reading the child has to have a reason to read and feel successful doing it.

The first step is providing a home library. Have your child select books at the book store that he finds interesting. Resist the urge to select the books for him. Set up a special shelf in his room where he can organize his books. In addition adding a special “reading” chair and comfortable pillows and stuffed animals helps your child to appreciate the “specialness” of the activity.

Setting aside time to read every day will also help your child to become a reader. This time can be spent in many different ways. You can read out loud to your child. Children can comprehend at a higher level than they can read. Therefore, your child will enjoy a hearing a book at an interest level that they cannot yet read themselves. If your child is willing to read silently, it helps if he has a parent or older sibling who also reads a book alongside him. Your child can read out loud to a younger sibling/friend. This is less threatening than reading out loud to an older child or parent. He will feel if he does make mistakes, they won’t be readily noticed. Your child can also read into a tape player. Then, he will have the opportunity to listen to himself read.

Finally, the parent needs to remember there is a difference between pushing a child to read and guiding a child to read. You don’t have to correct every error. Choose your battles. Letting some mistakes go might be fine for now. Keep your cool and make it fun.