Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Of course you want your children at school to make some fun and interesting Thanksgiving crafts to take home to show for their family! But where do you start? Maybe you don’t want to do the age old making a turkey out of mixed media paper and glue! There are other fun ways to make school crafts that aren’t too out of the box or even too ordinary for the classroom.

Finger Paint Turkey –

You can put an out of ordinary twist on this craft by using a colored paper plate as the backdrop for the turkey! You’ll need some acrylic paint in Autumn and Thanksgiving colors such as yellows, oranges, reds, browns, beiges and greys. The children would have a blast with this since they may find it easier to paint on a plate than colored paper. If you don’t want to clean up the mess of paint after the project, you can always use cut out felt shapes as an alternative! They can just glue them on the plate, add glitter or other little decals and it’d be a craft to be enjoyed!

Making Name Plates –

Kids would have a blast making paper standing up cards with a drawing of a symbol of Thanksgiving, like a pumpkin harvest, a pilgrim, an Indian, a cornucopia, or of course, a turkey! They can draw it themselves on the card and put their name under it in Fall colors. This is a perfect way to let their creativity shine.

The Mayflower Popsicle Sticks Craft –

Why not trying something relatively new? Put the children in about groups of four or three, so they work on the intricate ship! What they’ll need is plain paper for the sails, popsicle sticks for the base, colored pencils, construction paper and scissors. The construction paper can be used to cover the popsicle stick base and to add a little accent to the paper sails. Popsicles sticks can also be used to make pilgrims inside the ship. This can be a big project for kids so be sure to start it early, as they can finish in the next couple days!

Dinner Place Mats –

These can be made with different colored foam strips for a certain cross stitch like pattern. The can be simple with just colors and foam letters saying “Happy Thanksgiving” or can use foam pieces on the mat to create whatever they wish in celebration of Thanksgiving! This is a fun and easy craft that they will enjoy and pick up on quite quickly.

If these ideas have helped, why not try to expand and make your own types of ideas as well? It’ll be a blast!