That Horrible Word Homework

I feel there is little need for homework!  If a child is away from his/her parent 6-8 hours a day during the 16 hours they are awake then enough family time has been stolen.  Time in a child’s life goes by so quickly, as the old statement goes they grow up to fast. I agree 100%! I speak with experience as a teacher and a parent.

 I have an understanding as to why homework is necessary at times but it should be exercises that are fun for the family and not a dread.  Maybe things like scientific experiments that can’t be done in a classroom or a nature walk organizing and collecting data of your walk.   Even writing assignments can be completed by walking to a barn or park this could be made interesting for the whole family. Each family member could record information, what he heard, how things smelled, and description of the sky, weather, or anything they felt along the way. (Keep Homework Calming)

I truly believe a child only learns as much as he is encouraged and both the parents and teachers must approach learning with a positive attitude.  A positive attitude is the key component in learning!  If we dread homework time ultimately our child will as well!  My advice to teachers and parents keep it fun and short!  Face it after our work day is complete don’t we all enjoy relaxing with our families? Do any of us need any additional stress in our lives?

School can be a tremendously nerve-racking place for countless children. The home maybe the only place this child finds safety and security.  When homework it bought into their secure and safe area it is no longer a refuge for them.  I believe especially with younger children this should be a considering factor when the teacher assigns homework.

Teachers, may I ask you when you go home do you want to go home and work? Don’t you like the thought of free time upon entering your home after a hard stressful day?  Do you enjoy spending quality time with your child?  After teaching all day do you want to fight with your own child to complete his homework? If we as teachers understand that each parent works hard in their chosen profession that they want to spend quality time with their child when they touch base in the evenings and they don’t want that time destroyed by that horrible word HOMEWORK!  I think it would be to all who is involved’s best interest to come to the conclusion homework should be kept to the bare minimum!