The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Harry Potter Series in Elementary Schools

Harry Potter is a very serious and powerful movie with several themes and morals. Some of these themes may apply to elementary school students, while some may be totally inappropriate.

Some of the themes in Harry Potter may be: Bullying, Friendship, Group Struggles, etc. I believe that all of these themes should apply to elementary school students, and may possibly help the elementary students learn to deal with and cope with the problems faced by elementary school, and possibly on up to middle school.

However, there are several different things about the Harry Potter movie that may disrupt elementary school students. Such as the fact that the movies contain a lot of violence, and are very scary in some parts. However, most students, by this time, have already watched much worse movies at home. We can’t apply this to all elementary school kids, because we can’t just go and assume that all students are from the typical American family.

Some specific scenes from the movies which teachers and parents might not find suitable for elementary school students: Battle between Kids/Troll, Woods scenes (giant spider/unicorn blood, etc), Some language. Many different problems may arise through showing these movies in school, but this shouldn’t stop elementary school kids from watching the movies outside of school.

For one, many kids of this age are very interested in reading the books. I personally read the books around 4th-5th grade. How much worse could the movies be, if I had already been reading the books? Kids that are able to read the books should be able to watch the movies in the classroom.

One great reason for showing the Harry Potter series to elementary school students is the fact that the majority of the students are going to be much more interested in watching the movie than many other boring movies that might explain the themes displayed in Harry Potter more directly. If students are more interested in watching the movies, then they are more apt to learn the lessons, so long as teachers go over and discuss the lesson with their students.

Overall, The movie has more positive effects on students than negative. Elementary school students should have the capabilities to understand and watch the movie, for most of them can already read the books with such a schematic plot. Also, students will be more apt to learn the lessons discussed through the movies, so long as teachers enforce it. This will ultimately increase the student’s learning experience, and give them some variation in common daily tasks!