The Benefits of Creating a Homework Space for Kids

Children and adults alike work best when undisturbed and when there are fewer distractions. Creating a space for your little scholar to do his or her work gives them the opportunity to concentrate on what they are doing, and get it done faster and more efficiently. It also provides a sense of pride in that they have their very own area in the house to do their work.

Regardless of what your child says, concentrating on what you are reading is difficult when the TV or radio is on. It is almost virtually impossible when the cell phone is ringing every two minutes, or someone is texting. The homework space should not have any of these distractions. TV can be turned off for awhile, and cell phones can be put on hold.

The homework area, whether it’s a special room used as an office, a bedroom, or the kitchen or dining room table, should be an area where they can be undisturbed. Rooms that can be closed off from the rest of the house are best, since they are out of the normal traffic areas, however, some students work just fine surrounded by chaos.

Where your child does his or her homework should be made into a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, and one that they can call their own. This means that they should help in the design of their work area.  If possible, they should have their own desk with areas where they can store their personal school work, books, and any other equipment that they need. A side benefit of this is the fact that ideally, the next morning, all of the materials they need to take to school should be located in one spot. Of course, any room they choose should also have good lighting to avoid eye strain and potential headaches.

For some moms, one of the benefits of having a special homework space is that papers and books may not be spread across the kitchen or dining room table while she is trying to get dinner. For others, the close proximity to the child and any help they might need overshadows the minor inconvenience.

Children who have a particular place to do their work, and a time to get it done, tend to get the homework over with earlier and faster. Once they realize that there is more free time once this is done, and distractions are taken away, completing the work without all the hassles becomes easier.