The Benefits of Homework Assignments that Involve the Parents

Homework assignments, that involve a child’s parents, can be very beneficial. Apart from the obvious bonuses, of enabling you to all spend time together, actively learning, enjoying each other’s company and keeping in touch with your child, there are many others.

Making sure that you know your child.

Parents often find it hard to discover just how well, or not, their child is doing. It is all too easy for parents to feel that they do not even know what their child is studying, or if it is the correct course o fstudy for the child. By tackling a joint venture, parents can assess their child in so many ways, without their children even realising that this is what they are doing .

Assessing your child’s strengths and weaknesses is never easy and, of course, the parent, child, divide can become so vast during those teenage years that it may seem as if you are from different planets. Making sure that your child is progressing, educationally, in a way that is appropriate for their years is important.

As parents you have a vested interest in helping your child to succeed.

However good your child’s teachers are, they will not have the time to be able to concentrate on your child as much as you can. With around 28 children, more or less, to a class, all with differing levels of intelligence, a teacher cannot give individual children intense, personal attention. Working on a home assignment together will mean that your child is in a one to one learning relationship, which should be very beneficial. So, one of the main bonuses that a parent has, when assisting their child with homework, is having more time to spend with the individual child and being able to continue studying until the student has grasped the subject fully. Parents also, of course, really want that child to excel as much as possible.


Do not forget that, whilst you are helping your child study, you may find that you learn about all sorts of subjects, which you did not know about or just had not kept up to date with. It may be that you will all learn together.

This time spent on the homework could be valuable, in helping you touch-base with each other, and in making sure that all is well with your child. On the whole it will be time well invested for you and your family.