The Benefits of Homework Assignments that Involve the Parents

The greatest benefit in many cases is that kids who MIGHT be at risk of under-rating the value of education or be turned off by homework will see that parents take it really seriously. Ideally they would know this anyway, but it is sadly true that many parents do not convey this message.

As parents will not have been in class to study the topic, their child is put in the position of having to explain to the parent the background information. This is a very effective way to enhance children’s own understanding and can build a sense of confidence.

Parental involvement on an occasional basis can make homework more fun too; variety is the spice of life. Parents can help their children by discussing the scope which exists within any assignment and helping them see beyond the superficial and open and shut answer. Remember though that this is best done not by telling but by asking!

Parents may be able to help in identifying and accessing resources otherwise unobtainable; consider a child studying an event in which a parent or other relative took part, such as the Vietnam War or the Civil Rights movement.

Parental involvement carries with it the benefit of understanding more fully the type and quality of education your child is experiencing; it goes beyond what the Prospectus may have told you. But be warned; it may be a lot different than it was in your day!

Do remember that your role is not to do the assignment yourself, however much fun it may be. It is natural to want to show off a bit (especially for Dads, dare I say?) but the aim is to benefit your child, so be sensitive to the danger of being too much ‘in charge’.