The Importance of a Peaceful Learning Environment for Children

It is my thought that elementary school classrooms over the last half a century have gotten very cluttered. I remember back to when I went to elementary school in the 1950’s…..that classrooms were not so messy and cluttered with stuff everywhere. How many of you have seen a typical elementary school classroom? First of all, blackboard(whiteboard) space is down to a minimum, which reduces this educational tool in the contemporary classroom. When I was a child, almost every wall in the room had a blackboard, where either a teacher or a student could write, so the rest of the class could see what they were writing. Secondly, almost every square inch of wall space is taken up with some form of covering….some sort of paper or announcement, or decoration, or photo, or calendar, or rule, or reminder, or WHATEVER. There is no real place where a child( or a teacher) can rest his/her eyes for a moment, and see nothing: for a tranquility moment, perhaps. I have seen some classrooms where there is even stuff hanging from the ceiling….art work and banners, etc. Thirdly, there are open containers of all sorts of stuff everywhere, including pencils, bits of broken crayons, recycled paper, piles of curriculum materials not being used at the time(perhaps having no other place to be stored), paper bags filled with whatever, and on and on, etc. This contributes to MORE visual noise. Add this to the architectural fact that most schools do not have very good sources of fresh air, and all of its inhabitants, from the principal to the teachers, to the students, down the the many excellent other people who make up the sturdy backbone of the daily running of an elementary school, it is not just the eyes that are suffocating from clutter, but the lungs as well. This sort of educational atmosphere (if you could truly call it that) would make great challenges for re-design and re-organizing programs on Home And Garden Television.
There are always studies being done at governmental level. I wonder if there has ever been a study done on if the rise of ADD and ADHD in the schools are caused by the rise of clutter in the classrooms, as compared to the days of old. it would seem to me that the less clutter there is, the more peaceful a setting would be. The more peaceful a setting would be, the more conducive for thinking and learning it also would be. So I challenge the government to do something about the clutter problem in the school classrooms, as a way of reducing the number of children(and possibly teachers as well) on medications used for ADD and ADHD. st seems to me that it would help the situation a great deal. Taking a pill so you can cope with visual noise is just a band-aide. We need to help get at the source of the clutter, and re-organize the classrooms and perhaps teach the teachers how to keep their classrooms free of excess visual noise.