The Importance of Handwriting Skills in School

Handwriting is an extremely important issue in school and in the public for both children and adults. During this age of technology, where computers are the main tool for communication in schools, businesses and in the public. handwriting skills is an important skill that must be learned because handwriting will still be required after graduating and moving on to a career. It is a very critical part of producing well written text that will be used throughout a lifetime. Many people today suffer from illegible handwriting that cannot be understood and this leads to them having a very low self-esteem. No one should have to suffer the negative effects of poor handwriting. Writing is an art that must not be overlooked, whether it be in cursive or print.

There is hope for adults who have had trouble mastering the handwriting skills. Occupational therapists and educators work together to make it possible for those to develop strong handwriting skills. Today, in some schools in the United States, handwriting skills are often overlooked due to the easy use of computers and printers. Today, professional development in the area of handwriting is lacking. Communication and writing in the classroom usually begins in elementary school. In many schools, handwriting standards are enforced and these standardspertain to cursive and print. Many educators throughout the United States are bringing much attention to the overlooked subject of handwriting. Handwriting is often used to apply for a job by filling out applications. Handwriting is a tool that you will use often in life. It is a very important tool that no one should lack. Parents can also work with their children in helping them to produce legible handwriting.

Handwriting is a very important part of the English/ language arts field. Some student struggle with poor handwriting skills. This leads to poor performance on tests and written assignments. Occupational therapists jobs are increasing to the high demand of students that are referred to them for their illegible handwriting. Many people believe that learning computer writing and typing skills are important, but at a very early age handwriting skills should be learned first. It seems that today these things are dome opposite. A student is introduced to a computer and they learn typing skills and later in life they have immeasurable trouble with  handwriting skills. In elementary education there are a variety of tools that are available for teaching young children to write. It should be no excuse for a child who has made it to the junior high level to lack handwriting skills.