The Importance of Handwriting Skills in School

Writing is the basic means of interaction for both students and adults. Often we are misguided that writing is no longer necessary due to the intervention of Technology. As we move up the ladder, this handwriting has become a lost art.

A good handwriting can teach kids to associate the brain to the looks, sounds and shapes of letters. In future course , they can easily form words and bridge them into sentences. They don’t have to worry about where to put the letters , but just what to say. UCLA Health system says that kids around age of 2-3 use “invented spelling” , a writing with all capitals and no spaces in between letters and writing words with no vowels. Elementary school writing programs mainly concentrate on these aspects.

Children think and write at the same time. Students are exposed to more writing because they tend to pen down their imaginations as soon as it strikes their mind. When they are able to form letters to words properly , they feel it easier to express what they think. Children otherwise will grow up as slow thinkers and bad writers with deterred calligraphy. It is also said that the handwriting of a person determines his confidence level.

As in the case of adults , its mandatory for them to showcase their writings in a legible way. They need to write things much faster. But if they don’t have a good handwriting, they will have to spend time for both writing neatly and penning their ideas. This can be avoided through good practice of handwriting skills at school level itself.

People are still judged by their handwriting. A legible calligraphy tells how confident he/she is at their presentation. At some cases it also shows the authenticity of their content even with out reading fully. Good handwriting also makes people look smarter.

Legible handwriting is directly linked to high self-esteem. A person who can not write legibly , might not feel to show his writings to others .The reaction of others would create a inferiority complex and they are permanently shunned from the outside race. They also tend to show hatred towards their school.

 Another important handwriting skill is cursive writing . Children learn writing manuscripts i.e, print like letters at start. The skill of cursive writing is introduced around third grade. Cursive writing indicates that a person is mature and the content speaks for itself. Children find cursive writing more faster and easier than manuscript writing. As their levels increase, children have to write with speed, for which cursive writing is the best.

Human brain remembers visuals more faster. Finger movements are required to initiate the brain activity. When students write, their eyes capture inch by inch impression of what they write, hence making it easier for them to re-write it in their exams. Scribbling may not be understood at first glance. It is because as eye captures the scribbles, human brain takes time to decode what was written and then store it. This can be tough to replicate because it is a tedious and time consuming process.

In schools , students can not afford to lose marks because of their handwriting. Handwriting plays a major part in all subjects like taking notes, assignments, tests, home works , solving complex mathematical problems. Now a days ,teachers are concentrating on good handwriting for science and maths too, which was previously confined to only literature.

A project by New Mexico Highlands University states that “The role of handwriting is important in cognitive and motor development and, therefore, the advantages of a good hand, and the impediments caused by handwriting difficulties, should not be ignored.” It is hence necessary to follow basic writing standards issued by schools. Inability to do so will make illegible handwriting as a habit. Some habits can not be changed suddenly. This incapability can be covered only through practice and cursive writing skills.