The Importance of Parental Involvement in Improving a Childs Literacy

Read, Read, Read! Read to your children – what more is to be said. The experts have said it time and time again: reading is the best education for your children.

Reading is the easiest way to help your children learn. As they get older, the homework will get harder, and we as parents may not be able to help as often. So why not do the easy part and read a book now? I’ve seen it promoted on PBS and several parenting magazines that 15 minutes a day is the best learning tool you can give your children. Teachers have even said, “Just read to your kids.” How much easier can it be?

In today’s society we rely on computers and television to help our children learn. You mean that we cannot take 15 minutes out of our day to sit and read a book to our children? And does it have to be a book? Read an article out of a favorite magazine. Read a newspaper article. We have the time to watch reality TV, or spend hours on the Internet, or even talk on the phone. So take that time to use it wisely and read to your children.

Reading is the fundamental of learning. Think about it – they read math problems, they read about science, social studies, you name it. Everything revolves around reading. There are so many resources out there nowadays that there should be no excuses why we have children that are illiterate. Especially if there are no handicaps or other disabilities, there is no reason why a perfectly normal child should be illiterate.

I get so disgusted when I hear parents blaming the educational system for the problems their children are having. They aren’t getting enough attention, the school isn’t addressing their needs. What are you as a parent doing at home? Have you sat down and worked with your child? Or are you expecting the school to do all the work? As parents, we should be more involved with our children’s education. Maybe if we show an interest than they will be more willing to learn. Learning and reading should start at home.