The Importance of Teaching Children not to Cry Wolf

Every parent knows it is very important to teach their children not to “cry wolf”. Unfortunately what sometimes happens is that a child is taught to tell the truth solely because their parents “said so”. This is not really a good reason to a child, therefore they may tell a lie here and there simply to prove that they can get away with it. This is why it is so important to teach children why they should not tell lies, especially about other people.

*Trouble maker. A child who tells lies about things that did not really happen, can come to be looked at as trouble maker. This is not good for the child or their parents. Other parents will be less likely to want their children playing with a child that lies all the time. The situation can further escalate if the child tells lies about adults, such as teachers or their friends’ parents. This can fall back on the child’s parents and make the whole family look like they are trouble makers. The child could end up without friends at all because no one wants lies told about them.

*No one will listen. This is a big reason to teach your children to tell the truth. If a child cries wolf too many times, when something actually does happen to them, no one will be willing to listen to them anymore. This is when a child can really end up in a very bad situation and possibly even seriously injured. 

This can also be the case in another type of scenario: say that a child thinks its funny to yell “fire!” in the evenings, just to watch their family scramble around trying to figure out what is happening. There could come a time when an emergency, such as real fire in the kitchen, and the child tries to tell someone. This time, no one listens until it is almost too late. This example is a bit dramatic, but delivers the point. 

*People get into trouble. Teaching children not to tell lies about other people is important because those lies can sometimes get other people into a lot of trouble for nothing. Sometimes children might tell lies about someone because that person made the child mad. This is usually due to the child not getting their way about something. Teach children that that sort of behavior is not acceptable and comes with consequences.

“The boy who cried wolf” is a story that has endured for a very good reason. Tell your children this story and other stories that clearly illustrate why they should not tell lies about anyone or anything.