The Pros and Cons of same Sex Relationship Awareness in Grade School

Same-sex relationship awareness is a pretty tricky and possibly volatile subject to be taught in elementary schools. The one benefit of same-sex relationship awareness in elementary school is tolerance. If we can get people to be tolerant about it at an early age, it would definitely reduce the hate-crimes against the gay community. When I was in school as a student and eventually as a substitute teacher, I’ve seen students get persecuted, bullied, and made fun off because others thought they were “gay.”

It’s been like this in the past. Especially when I was in elementary school. When I was in third grade, we were out in portables. There were stone blocks laid on the ground as the path towards the classroom. One of them had a crack on it. There was this saying that was made up by I don’t know who. It was dubbed as the “gayfer” crack. Basically, don’t step on the gayfer crack. If you step on it, then you’re a gayfer meaning that you’re gay. It was saying that being gay was a bad thing.

I do support same-sex awareness in school. But I do have my skepticisms about it being taught in elementary school. It can be positive yet it can be negative at the same time. The only pro I see is that it promotes tolerance. You can disapprove of a person’s lifestyle let tolerate it. There’s a difference between tolerance and approval. There’s also a big difference between intolerance and disapproval as well.

I really don’t feel that elementary school is the place to teach same-sex relationship awareness. It’s definitely way to early. It’s best that it’s taught in middle school or high school. We really can’t tell when it’s too early or when it’s too late to teach that subject.

Location also plays a big role in when same-sex relationship awareness can be taught. If it’s in the Bible Belt states, that’s one big mushroom cloud about to go off. Bible thumpers are going to have a very big fit. They’re pretty influential in the south.

The big con is that if it’s taught in a very conservative or very right-winged area, it’s one explosion ready to go off. Yet at the same time, it’s very important to teach students same-sex relationship awareness. Schools tend to be the best places to teach that subject.

I have plenty of gay friends that would even say that it shouldn’t be taught so early in school. I myself tend to get nervous about same-sex relationship awareness as well. Mainly because the county I worked in is very conservative. If I was in a more urbanized area, I wouldn’t have a problem. The cities tend to be more liberal than the small towns.

Also if the student’s parents are against homosexuality, it’s going to pose a problem. Yes, parents can make things miserable for a teacher. Which was one of the reasons I stopped working as a substitute teacher. Didn’t have any problems with the parents but there was the lack of parent and teacher relationship that’s needed to help students out.

Pretty much the only pro is tolerance and hopefully acceptance. But at this early in the stage, depending on the area, the cons definitely outweigh the one pro. The cons that come with same-sex relationship awareness are pretty harsh and can be pretty dangerous.

But when teaching that stuff, be sure to kill all the myths and misconceptions about it. That’s the absolutely the first thing that should be done. It should take a few of the cons out of the equation making it easier to teach. Though there are more cons, you need to be extremely careful about it. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about the subject, don’t teach it. Find another person that can teach it.

Don’t even think about teaching that stuff in a religious school. That’s just acting for trouble. Asides from the basic education, the rest of the curriculum is stuff that basically conforms to their religion.