The Pros and Cons of same Sex Relationship Awareness in Grade School

Same sex awareness among grade school students is usually not a problem, but I assume this topic is about teaching it in schools. I am a con person all the way. Teaching about this in grade school goes on all the time in books,…, but it shouldn’t. It is not something a child should be taught at school at all. That’s a parent’s job.

However, that being said, as homosexuality becomes more and more open and accepted in our society, children are going to be aware of it. Some may even come from same-sex families. When children have questions, they should be answered to the best of the teacher’s ability. It can be very tricky though. For me, I believe homosexual acts are wrong, so it would be very hard for me to ever teach about it as OK. For others it may be too easy. The problem is that as we face off on this issue, children are becoming confused. What’s the best way to help them? I’m not sure. One thing I do know though, is that we should teach our children tolerance. Not the new tolerance that ‘tolerates’ everything but the Christian viewpoint. But the old tolerance where you may not agree with someone, but you treat them right anyway. We don’t have to say it’s OK, but we do have to say, don’t hurt and don’t hate.

Most dealing with same-sex awareness in the classroom is dealt with in the books the teacher reads to the child or provides for the child to read. This can be propagandizing if the teacher is not careful about the message of the book. All in all, the subject should only be dealt with as needed in a classroom. If you have students who are not aware of it and not questioning it, it’s a moot point so let it go until they do. If you do have awareness and questions, don’t berate the other side from what you believe. Just share the minimum and leave the majority of the teaching to the parents. After all, it’s their child.