The Pros and Cons of the Harry Potter Series for Elementary School Students

As a current High School student who was first turned to reading for leisure by the Harry Potter series I would have to say I believe there are many pros to the use of Harry Potter books with students. It is part of human nature to try and explain the unexplainable and often throughout history we have looked at the unexplainable as a result of magic. In modern times however we tend to attribute things to science more then magic.
So naturally a story involving the discovery of a magical world that coexist along side our own scientific one would fascinate us. Combine that with a courageous young hero and you’ve got yourself a bestseller like Harry Potter. So if a book can hold our interest then we’ll want to read it. This is why it is the perfect story to influence elementary schoolers to read and in a society that has become consumed with things like TV and cell phones it is important that we keep reading alive in our youth.
Their are those who claim that a book full of witch craft is the worst possible thing to teach children, but many of those claims come from people who have never read the books. To those people I have nothing to say, but to those who have read the book yet still oppose it for your child, then that is your call. There is no need to ruin the exciting chance that Harry Potter can offer children just because a few people do not approve.
Naturally there is more then one con that could be used to challenge this book, such as the possibility that it will cause wild imaginations. I believe that imagination is the key to a brighter future and that it should be encouraged. However, I understand that there is such a thing as too much imagination, that is why it is important that parents spend time with there children and watch for signs of an over active imaginations.
In the end, it all comes down to one fact. Harry Potter is a powerful tool for creating a more literate children. I believe that books like Harry Potter will help our youth for the better and that the pros of using them in things like education far out way the cons. So please people, don’t limit your childs tools for learning by preventing them from reading Harry Potter.