The School Principal has it out for little Johnny

Most people are familiar with the idea that you cannot please everyone all of the time. Principals are not immune to this phenomenon. When a parent has a boss that they think is too strict, they have two options. They can either conform to the culture of the workplace or they can look for another job. While some administrators run what is perceived by some to be a ‘tight ship’; that is probably ultimately preferred by more parents rather than by those that think that the entire system should be changed to adapt to their individual child.

A principal is not a babysitter or an extension of a parent. Running an academic institution is a leadership role that under most circumstances is not taken lightly. Principals do not achieve their positions accidentally or unintentionally. The individual has most likely been highly scrutinized before the decision to offer them the position has been made. While they are hired to perform that function, the need to be allowed to do the job that they were hired to do. If the principal is ineffective, the situation will not go unnoticed and that individual will be replaced. Most parents would probably not like it very much if the principal showed up where they work and evaluated their performance in an industry that they know nothing about.

If a problem exists that is chronic and is detrimental to the learning environment, then the topic needs to be addressed as soon as possible. However, if the world seems to always be against little Johnny and little Johnny seems to be always be on the raw end of a bad deal, then just maybe the problem is little Johnny. This does not suggest that students that are subject to bullying and other types of unprovoked torture are not victims because they certainly are. Conversely, kids can be cruel and unless the administrator endorses this reprehensible behavior there may be little that they can actually do to eliminate it. This where parents need to actually take responsibility for the behavior of their child and teach them the difference between right and wrong.

Weak oversight is far worse that strict oversight in many cases. An administrator that enforces the rules demonstrates that they take their role seriously. After all, someone needs to maintain control of the organization. Unless the principal at your child’s school is widely deemed to be a problem, let them do their job.