The True History of America must be Taught in Grade School

Alas! If only it were possible to teach the ‘true’ history of America. Since no one present today was present then, we have to rely on written documents to piece together history. While this can be fairly reliable, anyone who researches this information will not only view it through their own biases, they will also view it through their own cultural lens. This makes finding the 100% truth difficult, but we can get it to 99.9% by using multiple sources and multiple researchers to review it.

I don’t think we’re talking about that here. What we are talking about is a blatant re-writing of events in history based on some person or group’s agenda. Does this happen? Absolutely. I hope not very often, but I have seen teachers pushing their personal agenda in a classroom and teaching students to view the situations through their own view instead of presenting facts only, along with the ability to think through them and come to intelligent conclusions. This also happens in history books folks, so it really doesn’t hurt to teach children to take the things they learn with a grain of salt and do their own research. This teaches them to expand their mind and draw logical conclusions from the evidence.

In one part of the country where they hold tours to teach the history of the area, they are no longer allowed to state that the pilgrims… came here for religious freedom. Instead they are to talk about them coming for money. Is that a blatant rewrite of history? Duh. It is someone’s agenda of removing all ‘Christianity’ from history. When discussing the history of the U.S., it cannot be done honestly, but that doesn’t stop some people from trying to do it. When we go around talking about separation of church and state without understanding the motivation of the founding fathers of keeping the government from interfering with their rights to worship as they choose, you are falsifying history. Amazingly, if you say something long enough, people will begin to believe it. If you say it long enough to very young people, they will not only believe it, they will defend it.

One of the reasons for the rise of home schooling in the U.S. is the teaching of false facts or hidden agendas in the classroom. This is not always (or even usually) the teacher’s fault. Often the teacher doesn’t know any better either because they too have been taught wrong. The fault is ours for not knowing the truth and not standing up for it. We have spent generations with our head in the sand, and now it may be too late to undo the damage.

Examples of controversial issues being taught one way in schools are evolution, homosexuality, separation of church and state, and more. Thank God for math for it is the only class we can have where the laws and rules always apply no matter who wants to mess with it. 2 + 2 = 4, no interpreting of the facts, no guessing about motivations, no hidden agendas, just the facts, ma’am.