The Tudors Classroom Lesson Plans and Activities for Primary Children

It is important that primary children be given activities that will teach them how to do tasks that use fine motor skills. They are beginning to learn tasks such as recognizing letter and numbers along with learning colors, patterns, and shapes. Several lesson plans and activities will help with fine motor skills as well as teach about shapes and colors. Young children do not have long attentions spans so activities and lesson plans geared toward them need to be simple and short. All projects done with primary age students require help and supervision.

Place Mat

Making a place mat is fun, creative and will teach primary children about patterns and enhance their color recognition skills. This project can take more than one day to complete. It is important not to rush the children. When they are tired of working on their placemat let them put it aside and take it up again the next day.

Materials Needed:

Colored construction paper


Card stock paper



Paper plate


Before beginning, this assignment cut several small squares (1’x1’) out of the construction paper. Be sure to use different colors so that the children will have a variety of squares to choose from.

Give each child a piece of construction paper, card stock paper, and several of the squares that have been cut out of the construction paper.  Put some glue on a paper plate for the child to use.

Help the children cut out a circle the size of a small plate, a spoon, and fork. Help each student glue these items in the middle one of the pieces of construction paper   

Using a ruler, the instructor will draw a border around the dish and utensils.

The students will begin at the top left of their place mat and glue their squares around the border that the teacher drew around the dishes.  Before they start gluing the squares on, have them decide on a pattern. For example three blue, one red, two green etc. Then they need to use that pattern around the border of the whole place mat.

Once the placemat is dry, the teacher will laminate it so the students can have it to use at school or home.

Academic Standard: This activity will meet comprehension standards because the students will learn to group patterns and colors. Counting skills are also met by this project because the children have to count out the squares that they place on their placemat. This activity is also excellent for promoting creativity, which is important for critical thinking.

It is important to remember that primary age children need activities that are fun and imaginative to hold their interest. The placemat is a fun activity that primary children will learn from and enjoy.