The Worlds Classroom – fossils

Lets face it. There are some things that can be learned in the classroom and some things that can only be learned out in the world with hands on experience.

Of course, there is no argument that learning cursive is valuable, but not everyone uses it when they get older. Some like to print. My point is, even though it is a valuable skill, there is no guarantee that someone is going to use it when they get older. Not everyone who learns how to use building blocks or paint in school will grow up to be a painter or builder, but the experience is in and of itself useful to the one who experiences it.

There is a man in my hometown named Dinosaur George Blasing who teaches all about Dinosaurs here in San Antonio, Texas and he is known as the Dinosaur Guy. My kids attend his classes and dinosaur fossil digs and were just amazed. The wonderful secrets that the earth uncovers as time goes on is not just limited to dinosaurs. What about the mummies of Egypt or the ancient writings of the bible, the dead sea scrolls or the Rosetta Stone? These important relics were not discovered in a classroom. Their discovery was unearthed on the wings of someone’s interest do go farther, dig deeper and go to the hidden places where the secrets of the past are sleeping.

Every day, somewhere, something wonderful is being unearthed that will bring new knowledge, inspiration, and answers to our long awaited questions.

Allowing the growth and inspiration that fossil digging and the like bring to young minds is very important. It allows students to grow, wonder, experiment, ask questions, dream and explore. You could be influencing a future scientist, geologist or fossil analyzing wonder like Dinosaur George. These things have their own significant meaning and value.

When you were a kid, did you ever dig up the dirt in your backyard with a shovel or something and then when you unearthed a plastic spoon or fork, or a thimble or button, you brought it to your parents with great excitement because you found something special hidden in the dirt?

The ways of learning are unending, as are the ways of discovery, wonder and the awe inspiring depth of the human spirit. Who’s to know what will stir the heart to soar to new limits and surpass the latest discoveries of science, medicine or art? Maybe it will be found somewhere besides the classroom. Maybe it will be found digging in the dirt, in your own backyard.