Tips for Breaking Large Projects into Smaller ones

Large projects can be overwhelming when you first look at them, but they can be broken down into a series of smaller projects which are worked on one at a time. Then the project doesn’t look so huge that it causes anxiety and procrastination!

The first thing to do is break the project into it’s components. We will use doing a paper for example. With most papers, you will have to choose a topic if you are not given one. That will be step one. Then you might have to research the topic in step 2; Organizing and putting it in order would be step 3; Writing the paper would be step 4 and editing would be step 5. You can see how breaking it down into steps makes it more manageable.

Next, you want to get out your calendar and write down the date the paper/project is due. Then count how many weeks/days you have from right now until that date. Divide that time roughly into the number of steps you have broken your project to, giving each either equal weight or a little bit more weight for a more difficult task.

Then write each step on the date you plan to have it completed. Then get busy! Work on it a little bit every day, keeping to your time schedule, until you have a finished project! Even a mountain can be moved by moving it a little bit at a time, so start shoveling.