Tips for Creating a Safe Classroom Environment for Students

Schools are meant to have safe classrooms for all students and teachers. Keeping the classrooms organized and well kept helps make the learning process easy for everyone. Of course, having a safe classroom requires more than cleaning. Students should know what the general conduct rules are. That means learning how to get along with each other, without the unnecessary horseplay involving pushing and shoving.  

One of the best ways to get the students to learn classroom expectations is by explaining the rules at the start of the school year. You can also set up a list of rules on the classroom wall so the students won’t forget. Here are some tips to help keep the classroom a safe environment for them.

Teach respect for teachers

Having respect for teachers helps keep the classroom environment safe without trouble. Students should feel free to raise hands whenever they know an answer or have a question. When asked, those students must be obedient and help out, too. Teachers work hard to ensure the students are learning everyday.  

Instruct disaster safety tips

Disasters that may be weather-related or from a fire might happen in your own school. This is why it is important to understand what to do whenever they occur by having a drill. Schools often practice fire drills in case there is a fire. Everyone must leave the building at once and go to a meeting place outside. In the meantime, you can put a list of fire safety instructions on the classroom wall for the students to read.  

For natural disasters, such as an earthquake or tornadoes, you should also set up of list of safety tips for them, too. During earthquakes, people need to crouch under a heavy desk or table. Whenever there are tornadoes, they need to go to an interior hallway and crouch there. 

Keep floors clean

Especially in schools where students spend some of their recess time playing with toys and games, teachers and students should keep the floors clear. Nothing should be left on the floor where someone could slip on and get injured. One smart way to ensure proper clean up once playtime is over is by playing cheery clean-up music for students. That can encourage them to get into the act picking up. Games, stuffed animals, blocks should be kept on shelves or left in boxes. 

Encourage students to wash hands

Remind your students to wash hands with soap and warm water before lunch time or whenever they need to use a restroom. Germs can spread rather easily if the children run around with dirty hands. Then someone may become ill because of that. If you allow the students to use a classroom sink, use a large mat to prevent them from slipping due to the standing water, which makes the floor slippery.

Lock doors and windows

Burglars can easily invade classrooms, especially at night. To prevent any thefts that may occur, everyday after school, make sure all the classroom windows are shut and locked securely. If you are fortunate enough to have a key for the door, lock it as well.

Teach students to behave in the classroom

This is certainly an important step for proper classroom etiquette. A lot of students like to horseplay, possibly not knowing someone is about to get hurt. Teaching good conduct can help provide safety of classrooms. The students should learn how to keep their hands to themselves. They need to be taught how to be obedient, avoid getting into fights, not throwing things, and be polite when speaking with teachers and peers.

Instruct laboratory work safety

If you instruct laboratory work in your classroom, share its safety rules with the students. Goggles, plastic gloves, and protective clothing must be worn whenever necessary. Spills need to be cleaned up. Tell the students to remove any loose jewelry before they start lab work. Keep a first-aid kit for minor accidents. 

Accidents may arise if teachers and students are not cautious with safety rules during school days. Remind the students about this during the school year. Keeping classrooms safe is a responsibility for them, which will help make learning easy and exciting.