Tips for Developing Healthy Homework Habits

If you want your child to develop healthy homework habits, you must encourage self-discipline and motivation. Without these, the child will not realize how important homework is, and how doing homework can be fun, rewarding and educational all at the same time. Here are some tips that will help you help your child develop good homework habits.

First, try to have your child follow a schedule. The schedule does not necessarily have to be strict, but they should conform to the way your child naturally does things. For instance, you do not want to study right before your child is going to eat. You will want to put those study times after your child’s eating times, or before bedtime. When doing homework, too, it is important that your child completes all homework assignments before doing anything for “leisure.” This ensures that your child learns the importance of completion of homework as a first priority.

Next, make homework fun. Homework is dreaded by both children and parents alike because both parties involved know that homework time amounts to “stress time.” Children don’t like doing their homework, and parents don’t like having to force their children to do something they don’t like. So, avoid all of this nonsense by making homework time as relaxing as possible. For particular problem children who absolutely refuse to do homework, you might look into counseling for more professional advice.

You can make homework fun by playing little games with each assignment. For instance, if you are doing math problems together, try to use objects that represent what operations are being performed. Cereal or peanuts are great items for these little games because they can be eaten and are relatively fat-free (as opposed to using candies). You will not only be teaching your child how to prioritize, but you will also be teaching him or her good nutritional habits.

Finally, make sure that your child is ready to do the homework. A fresh mind is a mind that is ready to work. If your child is genuinely tired, don’t push him or her to do homework. Let your child rest first. Make sure that there are no distractions when it is homework time; turn the television off, turn down or turn off any music, and ensure that no other distractions will bother your child. Have a quiet place ready for your child to study in.

Helping your child develop strong homework habits is not as difficult as it seems. If you instill in your child the sense of responsibility that comes with homework, then most of the work is already done.