Tips for Helping Kids with Homework

5 Tips For Helping Children Do Their Homework Efficiently

Frustrations begin to mount when homework assignments are incomplete, or done incorrectly. While this is the bane of teacher, student, and parent, it need not be as troublesome if some strategies are put in place that will assist children to do their homework assignments efficiently.

There are many strategies and tips that parents can employ when they are trying to help children do their homework assignments efficiently.

Homework completion is an academic necessity, so in order to alleviate potential frustrations, make sure to help your child come up with a set location and time for homework, limit their distractions, teach them proper time management skills, gain an understanding of the material prior to beginning, and offer some form of praise or reward upon completion. 

Children need to understand that the successful completion of homework can lead to future academic success, which will behoove them greatly in the coming years. A sense of accomplishment and task mastery can yield tremendous results, and may help the child to develop a greater appreciation of school.

1) LOCATION – having a set location in the house that is devoted to homework is a key tip for helping children to do their homework assignments efficiently. An area in the house that is free from distractions, such as a heavy traffic area, music or television playing, cell phone ringing, or outdoor sights and sounds is ideal. Limiting the amount of distractions can keep your child focused on their assignments, which will lead to efficient completion.

2) TIME – figuring out the best time to complete homework assignments is another great tip for helping children to do their homework assignments efficiently. The best time to tackle homework, if feasible, is before supper, preferably once they get home from school.

Allow the child to get a healthy snack and a glass of water, and then sit down to get started on their homework assignments. This is an optimal time, because the later you start, the less likely you will be to complete, either due to fatigue or procrastination.

3) TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS – teaching children proper time management skills is another helpful tip for getting children to do their homework assignments efficiently. If children are taught how to prioritize their responsibilities, and balance their school work with their social life, they will be far more efficient.

Part of time management skills can also be breaking assignments down into smaller, more manageable chunks. If an assignment is not due for a few days, doing a portion of it each day can be an effective strategy.

4) UNDERSTANDING – having a clear understanding of what the assignment entails is extremely helpful. If you want your children to do their homework assignments with great efficiency, then it is imperative that you teach them how to use their daily agenda to its full capacity. It is unwise to quickly jot down “Do math homework”, because you may forget over the course of the day what that meant exactly. Instead, it is better to write down “Do questions #1-9 on page 53”, so that you are able to get right to your homework without delay.

If the homework assignment is unclear in any way, shape, or form, speak to the teacher prior to leaving for the day and get it cleared up. This is a very helpful way to tackle homework in the best manner possible.

5) PRAISE/REWARD – giving children something to look forward to can be a great motivational tool. The reward should not be something of a monetary nature, rather something tangible that the child will enjoy. Praise is something that all children seek desperately, as well as the opportunity to spend some time doing something else that they enjoy.

If the child loves to play video games or wail around on drums, these activities can be performed once all homework assignments have been completed. No matter what the perceived reward, as long as it comes after homework, it will have been a worthwhile tip for helping them complete their homework assignments efficiently.

Parents need to ensure that their children are doing all of the work that is assigned to them, and that they are performing to the best of their ability. Children need the constant reassurance that they are doing well, and that you are proud of them. Helping children do their homework is vastly different than helping them learn how to do their homework. Learned responsibility is much better than learned helplessness.

The time spent with children is always worth the effort, so even if you are not helping them with the homework, your presence could mean the world of difference. Time slips away so quickly that parents should make every effort to be around their children while they do their homework, not just for the helping aspect, but to just be that person that cares.

Children need to feel loved, and this can be a great time to show them how much you care.