Tips for Helping your Child Survive the first Day of School

Create an atmosphere of  happy expectation  and that school can be  fun.   Minimize your role as parents by discussing the role of his teachers and how he should he should listen to  them as he  listens to  you and his father.   This  type of orientation should not  only help his new teachers, but it  will also  be instrumental in how well he adjusts to his new surroundings.

Check out the school before the first day

Show him  his classroom and where the restrooms are located. Discuss with him safety and health concerns, by impressing the importance of washing his hands each time he uses the facilities.

Encourage independence

Encourage independence  by allowing  him to select from a choice of  ensembles  to wear on that first day,   allow him to  wear  his selection. This should encourage independence and instill self-confidence in him; both will serve him well that first day of  school and throughout the school year.

Ensure  he is  disciplined

There probably aren’t many school rooms today with less than 20 to 30  students in them, and it doesn’t take a genius to imagine the havoc 30 students can cause if they have not learned how to cooperate and get along with others. If your child has siblings, it should be easy to detect and discuss unbecoming behavior and squelch it, but if yours is an only one child, you will need to have one-on-one discussions about  the importance of appropriate behavior in his age range. Ensure you aren’t sending a bully off to school.

Relate your happy school memories

Think of some of your happiest memories when you were your child’s age, either from your own memories or those handed down. For example, my first-grade teacher handed out donuts and a smile to each child on that first day. There was something in her smile that told me everything was going to be okay. I still have fond memories of her and her love of sweets.

Discuss fun and learning

Discuss his ambitions, which may be two or three occupations at his age. He will probably  want to become a fireman, an astronaut or a policeman. Allow him to tell you why he is interested in those careers and take the opportunity to stress the importance of learning everything he can in school if he wants to have one of those stellar jobs. He will have the expectation that school is for learning and achieving.

Make friends with other parents

 Determine whether there are other parents nearby who have children your child’s age that attend his school. Invite them over before school starts and, hopefully, all of you can become friends. That first day will not be quite as daunting if he knows  he is not alone.

These are a few things you can do to prepare your child for school on that first day. Always speak positive about school and make it sound like a happy place where he will learn to become someone special, perhaps even the president. More importantly, ensure he is disciplined and well-behaved. Help him by encouraging independence. His first day of school should be one of the most important days in his life, and he should always  be able to look back with fond memories.