Tips for High Scoring in Homework and Testing

Exams and homework are just among the toughest things a student may experience in a school. Getting high grades though gives a sense of fulfillment and achievement to a student. This article provides some tips on achieving a high score on exams and homework that can benefit not only the students but also those people who want to easily remember things.

One thing is for sure, don’t cram. Cramming pressures a student to study a lesson within a very limited period of time. Studying on the day before an exam won’t make a student prepared for it. Studies show that the absorption of information through cramming is ineffective. Another thing is that, if a student wants to achieve a high score, he or she must study the lesson in depth because the questions that will come out in the exam are unknown. Studying a lesson in depth won’t be possible within a limited time.

While studying, a student might want to use a memorization technique. This technique is essential because it saves time and mental energy. Mnemonics is a device used as a memory aid to remember things easily. One technique is called the peg system. This technique uses numbers like hangars for words or ideas that have to be chronologically and / or wholly remembered. The only thing that has to be remembered are the numbers and its equivalent: One is for sun, two is for shoe, three is for tree, four is for door, five is for hive, six is for sticks, seven is for heaven, eight is for cake, nine is for vine and ten is for hen. Just for example, one has to remember the following words: literature, arts, abs, nerves, beaker, fungus, mirror, zombie, apple and camera.  The peg system works like this, imagine the following: a book (literature) with a sun (first) drawn in it, Michelangelo painting (art) on a shoe (second), a tree (third) with abs (abs) on its trunk, a door (fourth) that has nerves (nerves), a beaker (beaker) in a beehive (fifth), a fungus (fungus) crawling on a stick (sixth), a sky (seventh) in which its clouds are mirrors (mirror), a zombie (zombie) eating a cake(eighth), a vine (ninth) in which its fruit is an apple (apple), and a hen (tenth) using a camera (camera). One can already enumerate the given words in its chronological order. Other than the peg system, there are also other several mnemonics that a student can use, like the loci and the story telling techniques. All of the techniques used for mnemonics require a broad imagination, the funnier or the weirder it is, the more things can be remembered.

Formulas are one of the most difficult to memorize because it consists of numbers and even several operations. There’s actually no need to memorize formulas as long as it is continually being used or practiced. Perseverance is the key to get used to it. Memorizing a formula is like a skill that has to be honed so that it can easily be remembered.

In doing homework, the key for a high score is to make a research. Today’s generation is lucky enough for having all the information readily available not just in books but also on the internet. The only thing that a student has to bear in mind is to understand the question very well and find the most related answer to that question.

There’s one thing that paves way for scoring high in an exam or homework. It is perseverance and attitude; the perseverance in studying a tedious lesson, and the attitude to aim a high score as a reward.