Tips for Hooking Kids on Reading

The more children read books the more they become more fluent in speaking and the more they become proud of themselves. In this modern world we have a lot of activities children are interested in and becoming difficult for them to like learning.

It is quite a process to bring them very close to books. If we do succeed these children become successfull in their long life. The following are simple approaches to make this happen:

BOOKS OF INTEREST: Most children are most likely to fall for books which may be of interest to them. Parents should know their children’s hobbies. Thus choosing books that has a lot to do with their children’s hobbies and make as many available for them.

SUITABILITY OF BOOKS: The books must also be of the children’s level. For the little kids picture books are suitable. The little kids are most amused in matching pictures against names and phrases. From my experience if they manage to match pictures against names and phrases they tend to do it over and over again.

Parents must not pick books to read for their children. They have to pick for themselves. Do not critisize them for the book they may have picked.

In trying to introduce reading to your child it is most recomended to start with easy ones and gradually bringing in difficult ones.

READING METHODS/APPROACHES: It is most advisible to take turns to read the books with the children. Do not critisize when they make a mistake. Instead you must encourage him/her to read again.
Ask the child to summarise the read story to see if he/she have understood
Ask the child about the character in the story
Ask about any new words from the story thus improving vocabulary

Parents may also record the child when reading. Children are most likely to be proud of themselves if they hear themselves from an audio device. Ask the child to send the tapes to friends and relatives as presents.

SETTING GOALS: To achieve goals parents must introduce some incentives for reading.
Children are most likely to forgo other activities which doesnt have rewards involved with those which has.
Set a programme for each day’s routine i.e television, games, computer, bicycle, reading, homework and others. Children who grow up in such organised life patterns succeed in life than those without proper patterns.
Parents should listen to accuracy as well as time taken reading. The more they read the more they become fluent and accurate.

OTHER APPROACHES: Take children to the Library.
Allow them to borrow books and visit the library more regurally
Make them join debate clubs
Built a book-shelve in his/her bedroom
Engage in debates with him/her about books they may have read
Show them videos of successfully kids of their age
Ask them what they may think about the successfull children
Give a child some authority over other kids
Allow him to make decisions
Tell them about becoming successfull in life
Always tell them that you are proud of them,