Tips for how to help your Kids do well at School

Parents consistently want the best for their children. This encompasses all areas of their life, including education. There are many methods of helping children to be successful in school.

The first thing that parents need to understand that success has different meanings for different people. A true measure of success does not lie entirely within the confines of academic achievement. While making good grades is important, parents should focus on the level of commitment, effort, happiness, and overall well-roundedness of their children. High marks do not dictate future successes, although they certainly open up a few more doors.

The best ways to help children succeed in school involve a lot of parental guidance and support, and giving your child the necessary skills and tools in order to compete to the best of their ability.

*Be Involved

Parents must be involved in their child’s schooling, taking the academic journey with them. Parents should have regular communication (phone, in person, email) with the teacher, and should always stay on the same page, working in the best interest of the child. Parents can volunteer at their child’s school when and if available, as this displays an avid interest, which the child will find comforting. Parents should also attend meetings, and report card night. When the school puts on a talent show or musical, parents should escort their children to the performances. Being an active part of the school is a great way to help your children succeed in school, and helps you to keep a pulse on the daily happenings exposed to your child.


Parents should be proud ambassadors of their children’s academia. Children need to be praised for their hard work at school, hearing positives in regards to school. When the children are little, parents should proudly display their work on the fridge, or some other focal point in the household. This gives children a sense of worth. Their confidence and self-esteem will receive an invigorating boost, and this will behoove them tremendously as they mature along their school career. Talking with your child can let you understand their learning environment a bit better. Talk to your child about bullying, and let them know to speak up if any problems arise at school. Parents need to be proactive in this regard.


Children need to be well-rested. Mental alertness is crucial for learning, which means that focus is imperative. Parents should ensure that children do not have televisions, computers, or smartphones in their bedroom. Sleep is something that is being sacrificed by people of all ages in this Internet driven generation, but children especially require a good night’s sleep. This is a step definitely not to skip if you wish to help your child succeed in school.


Another key to helping your child to be successful at school is to make certain that they eat a proper, healthy diet. Perhaps the biggest portion of this is breakfast. Children need to eat breakfast. It also must be a healthy breakfast. Children need the fuel in order to compete to the best of their ability at school, and attending school on a full stomach is a step in the right direction.


Parents should read to their children from birth, without fail. Reading to children helps them to increase their vocabulary, creativity, and imagination. The more that children read and are read to, the better their writing may also become, another facet that will assist them tremendously if they are going to enjoy success at school.


Homework, whether or not you believe it has any merit, must be completed in its entirety when assigned. Children should complete their homework prior to watching television or using the computer. Children should also have a special area for homework, a place that is free of distraction and comfortable. A healthy snack may also be a part of this routine.

When it comes to homework, parents should be there to help, but only to a certain extent. Parents should only help children understand the questions being asked, they should never spoon-feed any answers, as this undermines the integrity of education. Parents may also wish to be a study-buddy with their child. This level of involvement will pose as a way to spend some time with your child even when the demands of homework stand in the way.

*Learning Style

Parents and teachers need to work in a copacetic fashion with the child to determine what learning style best describes their ability. Some children learn best through auditory means, some via visual or kinesthetic. These diverse learning styles are abundant, and being able to channel your energy to one, two, or even all three of these may prove extremely beneficial. This is an excellent way to help your child succeed in school.


If your child is not at school, they are missing critical information for that particular day. Parents must make sure that their children attend school regularly, and when they must miss a day, the work missed needs to be picked up and worked on at home. Falling behind is unacceptable. Parents can help to ensure their child’s regular attendance by scheduling appointments for after school hours or during the summer months, spring break, or Christmas holidays. Diet, exercise, and sleep all help to contribute to a student that is more apt to attend school on a daily basis.

*Be Prepared

Children should attend school with pens, pencils, paper, colouring utensils, USB flash drives, and any other materials that will be required during the course of the day. A student that comes prepared does not have to spend any time trying to locate these missing items, nor do they have the stress and anxiety of not being prepared. A laissez faire attitude may form when a child is constantly unprepared, as a form of coping mechanism.

*Teams & Clubs

Another method of helping your child become successful at school is to have them join as many clubs and teams as possible. Becoming a valuable part of the school atmosphere may help to ensure success. Joining teams and clubs also lets your child meet new friends and learn new skills. The happier and more well-rounded that your child can become, the more likely they are to achieve a level of success at school.


Parents should have their child’s hearing and eyesight tested regularly, as these could become problems areas unbeknownst to parent, child, and teacher. By checking their hearing and eyesight, any potential problems can be rectified or have adjustments put in place. Not being able to see the board or hear the teacher set a child up for failure. Parents should never neglect these areas.

*Hard work

Hard work and dedication are sure-fire ways of being successful at school. The effort put forth by a student is the key; the results may be dependent upon myriad factors. Parents should instill a determined work ethic in their children.

*Problem Solving

Problem solving skills are necessary in school. The more that parents can work on skills with their children outside of school hours the better. Children need to learn how to figure out problems without assistance. They need to know how to calculate without the aid of a calculator. Becoming reliant on technology is a problem with education today. Parents need to give their children the tools to figure out things on their own, without help. These are the types of skills that are a part of fundamental learning, and may lead to increased success in school.

School is a large portion of your child’s life throughout the formative years. Parents should do their utmost to help their children, giving them a foundation that supplies the impetus for success.