Tips for Keeping your Childs self Esteem Intact

“Children learn what they live,” and in today’s world of school shootings and adolescent suicide, it’s important that children become a major concern for parents early on in their lives. There are a myriad of mental illnesses and social adjustment disorders lurking in today’s schools, but a great amount of the issues that our children face today occur because they lack self esteem.

One of the first things that we can do to help children keep their self esteem in tact is to let them know that life is not a competition. Children love competition, and what begins as something so innocent can slowly grown into something that’s detrimental to them socially and professionally. What comes off as good childhood fun can grow into too much confidence or, more often than not, not enough confidence. The child who always finds him or herself falling behind or losing innocent challenges may eventually believe that he/she might not be good enough.

Competition is everywhere. There’s the competition of who might be the teacher’s pet, who will make the highest grades, who wears the coolest clothes, or whose parents make the most money. Believe it or not, if you have a child, they are dealing with the pressure of these challenges on a daily basis, and these competitions can negatively or positively effect them in the long run. It’s important to teach your child that life is not a competition.

Secondly, in order to keep our children’s self esteem intact, we must teach our children that they are unique, special, and that they have greatness within. Their self esteem has a lot to do with how they view themselves. They must see, know and realize their own strengths. It’s important to teach your children to know their strengths and capitalize on them. If you don’t know your child’s strengths, introduce them to a myriad of things in their youth. It’ll cost, but it’ll be worth it. The best investment that we can make is in our children.

Thirdly, and most importantly, in order to keep your child’s self esteem intact, you must set an example of one whose self esteem is “intact.” Sometimes parents let their own dreams go deferred when they have children. But what better way to show a child what is possible than for them to see you making your own dreams come true. When children are able to see you as a grounded, confident, success, they are more likely to follow in your footsteps. When we can live these tips, then our children, more likely than not, will emulate the trends that we set.

So much of what we depends on how much we esteem our own selves. Children need to know that life is not a competition, that each individual person has a set of talents and capabilities, and finally, that it is imperative to be the best example in life that you can be. If you can instil these three tips into the daily lives of children, you will experience and witness children who will work hard to keep their own self esteem intact.