Tips for Keeping your Childs self Esteem Intact

Look Out! Self esteem is about looking out. Being overly concerned about one’s self esteem is looking in. Gaining self esteem requires looking out. To grow a healthy self esteem a person must stop being so focused on their own needs and the things that they lack. They instead need to look to the places where they can do something worth while. Those places are outside of themselves. They must look out.

Look out! I mean look outside of your own needs and desires to the needs and desires of others. Look around the places where you spend your time and you will see people who sit alone. Sit with them and try to get to know them.

You will get hurt emotionally if you try to force yourself into a group that is closed. Many of the reasons that a child in school is struggling with making friends at school is because they are expecting the wrong people to give them friendship.

There plenty of children in each school that longs for friendship and plenty that seem to have trouble making friends. Why can’t the children needing friendship make friends with each other?

Look out! I mean look around for things that you can do that will make a difference. There are so many things that we do to entertain ourselves and improve ourselves when the greatest improvement that any person can make to themselves is to increase their impact on the world outside of themselves.

People get the wrong impression about serving others. To serve others is to make a difference in others. When you serve others and you see the difference that you make it adds something to your self esteem. You are worth more and you realize your worth when you serve others.

Look out! I mean look out there and see how many people there are who are in greater need then you are. You truly are fortunate. We are all more capable then we realize to meet those needs.

We miss the big opportunities to make a difference because we tend to look only in towards ourselves instead of out towards those many needs that we can meet. Being conscientious of the needs around us give us the opportunities to make a difference.

Finding Self Esteem Gardens
Self esteem is not something that a person can just grab or take from others. An attitude like that will lead to behaviors that, in the end, will decreases a person’s feelings about their worth.

Self esteem grows in a healthy environment. Like a green house or garden that is specially tended for growth. There are places that can provide an environment like that. Churches, Service organizations, School clubs, the even people that seem less popular might be a great place to find that environment.

There are such organizations for every age group. Don’t just assume that they will provide you the opportunities to “Look out!” Ask them about their approach to making a difference in the world. Also consider the attitudes of the people in attendance. Do they seem to have good estimates of themselves? If the people in the group generally do then you may have found that kind of place that makes a difference. Making a difference in the world is one of the main things that will improve a person’s self worth.