Tips for Rewarding Homework Accomplishments

Homework is usually given by the teacher to the pupil as work to be done at home under the supervision of parents. Homework involves three people namely the teacher, the parent and the pupil. In-order to reward homework effectively it must be a two way process. The teacher and the parent must reward satisfactory accomplishment of homework. It is reality that home and school are intermarried, they are two peas in a pod. Their interdependence is inseparable. Till death do us part ‘ should be the rapport between home and school.

Parents should play their part in rewarding homework. They should guide the child to do homework at home. If the child successfully completes the homework, the parents can offer a variety of rewards, both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. The parent may say to the child who has finished her/his homework effectively, ‘ Well done, James.’ This in it itself will motivate James intrinsically and will continue doing  homework knowing fully that mum and dad will reward her/him either by a pat on the back or by the encouraging and soothing words,  ‘Well done, James.’  It is also acceptable for parents to reward successful completion of homework by giving sweets and other material incentives. It is of no harm giving material incentives to our children after they have done their homework well. This goes a long way in motivating children wanting to do their homework daily due to material gains.

The teacher has also a part to play in rewarding accomplished homework. The teacher must have feedback of the homework soon after school starts the following day. The teacher may ask pupils to read their completed homework to the class and pass comments such as ‘good work, Susan.’   Passing such comments in front of other pupils, Susan is motivated to continue doing her homework for more positive rewards from the teacher. To cultivate the culture of letting pupils do their homework, the teacher may give badges and stars  to all those who do their homework.

The teacher may decide to choose group leaders on the criteria of those who do their homework, will be chosen as class monitors and group leaders. I believe this will work, because it is human nature that pupils want to be noticed, praised and rewarded for positive behaviour. Positive reward reinforces behaviour and negative reward demotivates and makes positive behaviour extinct. The teacher may also give incentives such as, library books, note books and a trip to the woods to all pupils who continuously and successfully do their homework. The bottom line is that the teacher and the parents should work hand in glove in seeing that homework is done and they should always use positive rewards to the children for accomplished homework. This will keep the fire of wanting to do homework burning.