Tips for Studying for Spelling Tests

The worst thing you can do is think of study and a spelling test in the same sentence. Think of “preparing” for a spelling test. That will open up a range of possible activities to break any sense tedium and monotony.

If you have a set list of words to learn:

Don’t just stare at the list of words and hope something sticks in the brain cells. Put the words in alphabetical order, to enhance visual memory. Try to remember the alphabetical order as you spell out loud. Try to remember in groups of 10!
Play scrabble! Try to use your spelling words in a scrabble game. That will reinforce your visual memory with active placement of letters.
Be creative! Write a crazy poem with the words! It is like sorting out a jigsaw puzzle getting all the pieces to fit into some complete picture!
4. Sing them! Great for the extrovert who is a non serious spirit and likes a little drama in life!

If you have an imminent spelling test, based on your general knowledge of words, then don’t treat the prospect as some horrific nightmare! There is a way to prepare!

Create a list of paired spelling demons, and check the dictionary that you can use them correctly in context e.g. “their” and “there”, “pore” and “pour”, “stare” and “stair”, “fare” and “fair”. These are often regarded as simple words, but can easily catch even the most adept speller off-guard.
Read! Read! Read! a range of short articles in magazines or newspapers. Pause a little on less familiar words, maybe spell them out loud. By reading a range of articles in these resources, you broaden your vocabulary base.
Play I spy, with a friend or family member and spell the word! This can be done while traveling in the car or train, especially on long journeys. It will make you notice little things in your surroundings and it is good fun to challenge an opponent!
Going shopping? Read some labels on jars especially jars with unusual contents. Be interested in unusual food lines and read the details of how to use them!

Preparing for a spelling test is only a dread if you make it a dread.
Enjoyment and learning can mix when given a positive, creative attitude.