Tips for Successfully Completing a Writing Assignment

Writing an assignment doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, writing can be a lot of fun, if you just let your creative side out to play. Now, many topics may not seem like they have a fun side, like an assignment on state geography or a report on a president, but if you search around, you can find fun facts and interesting copy to include in your assignment which will make the whole process more enjoyable for everyone.

First of all, define your topic. Let’s say you’re doing an assignment on Massachusetts. Your first step is to get some blank pieces of paper to brainstorm on and take notes of any interesting facts you come across in your research. In the course of your research, you might discover that Massachusetts’ state bird is the Chickadee. Isn’t that a funny word? Chickadee. Why do you suppose they’re called “Chickadees”?

Don’t be afraid to cross-research. Go ahead and use the Internet to find out why and where the name “Chickadee” came about. I did. I discovered that chickadees are named thusly because of their call which sounds like, “chick a dee dee dee.”

That’s funny, creative and an amusing aside.

Now what else do we discover in our research about Massachusetts. How about the legendary Paul Revere? Did you know that a man named Israel Bissell actually rode much further – from Boston all the way to Philadelphia – and was much more important to the start of the American Revolution than Paul Revere, yet, unlike Revere, was never immortalized by a poem, so history doesn’t remember Israel Bissell. Again, cross-reference is the key to discovering fun and interesting facts about this and any other topics.

So, whatever your topic, go ahead, learn a little, have a little fun with it. Discover something that nobody else in your class knows. Organize your topics into paragraphs, and then sit down and write. Revise as necessary.

This method is guaranteed to make your teacher smile. You’ll be smiling too, when you get that paper back with a great grade on it.