Tips for Teaching your Child about Geography

The states that make up America
A Unit Study for all ages
Teaching kids about the world one state at a time
Week 1
First to prepare for this unit hanging a BIG paper on a wall.
Draw the Outline of the United States of America

Write all the States in ABC order! Do this without looking at anything. See how many you know off the top of your head.
How many did you get?
How many more do you need to know to have them all?

List states in order of admittance to U.S.A. You may look this up in an Encyclopedia, on the computer, or Internet. Take your time, read through the information.

We will do label me sheets for the United States and Capitals from Enchanted Learning these will be done the first day of Unit and the last day of unit to measure how much is learned!

Pick what state each child will do a report on. This is to be worked on through out the Unit, not just this week
Things to include in report

Location and size

When admitted to U.S.A.


Main types of jobs

Celebrations that happen in specific state

Anything that you find interesting

I Is it more country or big city?

Draw the Flag/color it in

List all state symbols color or draw them

Tell how the symbols came to be symbols

List a few of the State Monuments, historical sites, and historical events.

Draw a map with major cities, roads, bodies of water, mountains

Week 2

Each child will choose a national monument to research and report on
Label me sheets and other work sheets printed out from enchanted learning
Zoom school activities

See how many words you can make from The Words United States of America work sheet
Word search of states

Word search of capitals

Go to the Library, have kids pick out several Books on the state they have chose and monuments in it, and anything else that is about the State and United States
Have them read it through the week.

Week 3
Follow the links below and see what you can learn.

Fill in the outline of the Map on the big paper as you go through this unit. Adding a little at a time as you learn about the individual states.

Try to read a little something about each state.

Hand in reports. An adult needs to check them, marking any errors. Kids then rewrite and repeat the process till it’s written correctly.

Plan an end of Unit party to celebrate and have each child display their projects and give an oral report on their state.
Some end of Unit celebration ides are :
make a dinner with 1 food from each state that the state is famous for
display your collage
rent a movie about the United States of America and have a pop corn and movie night