Tips on Developing Internet Safety Lesson Plans for Primary School Students

It is important to teach primary school students about safety when utilizing the Internet. Of course, these children are very young, and you must consider their age when creating these lessons. The following tips may be of use.

Share the dangers without getting them scared

You do not want to tell a primary school student something that is going to give them nightmares for a year. However, you also want to impart that there are dangers on the Internet. In your lesson plans you can correlate dangers as akin to stranger danger. A lot of primary school students know that they have to be careful around strangers and the Internet is an entire world of them. Talk about how just because someone says something on the internet does not mean that it is true. Make sure that your lesson plan discusses the importance of not sharing personal information with those on the Internet such as phone numbers, addresses, etc. Make sure that they understand that it is important for their safety to only go to websites of which their parents approve.

Get the children involved

A lot of primary school students do not have the best attention spans, but it is important that they understand how to navigate the Internet safely. You may find that they pay more attention to your lesson plans if they are involved. For instance, you can have them role play a situation in which they are on the computer and someone is chatting with them on a website. The students can come up with the right things to share and what they should never share. In your lesson plans, you could also include brainstorming sessions and class discussions. You can give the children age-appropriate assignments such as writing a list of do’s and don’ts of Internet usage.

A lot of students also learn visually. You can write out the rules so that they can see them. You can put them on a handout or have them write it out so that they can keep it with them and post it near their home computer. In your lesson plans you could also include homework such as having to discuss with their parents what websites they can go to and what they should do if they are uncomfortable with something that happened on the Internet.

In today’s modern world, it is important for even the youngest students to safely use the Internet. The above tips can help you when putting together plans for such lessons.