Training your Child

Children are the bedrock of any society; this is the reason why they should be well trained to face life’s challenges. This Training should start very early in the life of the child. The child should be trained in all areas of life. Training should not be focused on the science and technological aspects of life alone but should cut across all spheres of life in order to produce a well rounded individual.

To get a child to get a wider view of life, training can be based on humanities. The child should be taught to appreciate and respect fellow humans and he should understand that everyone has certain rights which should not be violated by anyone. The child should also be made to appreciate human life and treat fellow humans with respect and dignity. The virtues of love, respect, cooperation should be instilled in the child. The child should be made to read books and watch movies that teach love, respect, cooperation, tolerance. Titles like, “Love and the world around”, “How to make friends”, “How to keep your friends”, “How to build a relationship”, “How to sustain a relationship”, “Controlling your temperament”.

The child should be involved in activities that involve relating with other kids as this will help him put unto practise what he has learnt.

The child can also be made to read geography books and watch discovery channels. Geography books opens up life to the child as he learns to appreciate his environment both physical and non-physical. Titles like, “The continent of Africa”, “The planets in the world”, “Nigeria and crude oil”. These titles will make the child appreciate that there are some awesome features somewhere in the planet and when he grows up, he would understand fully why this features operate. This would also prepare the child to understand the world around him. Watching discovery channels would paint everything real to the child. Seeing is believing.

Making a child to engage in activities that involves the collective effort of other children and encouraging him to take active roles in these activities will prepare the child for leadership and it will make the child understand the concept of “team work” and “team spirit”. Also, the child learns to engage in healthy competition and rivalry. Children should be taught on titles ranging from, finance, relationship, geography, art, language, history, music, etc.