Useful Items that Parents can Donate to their Childs Primary School

School supply shopping is a seasonal tradition much like Christmas or Easter. Parents take their children from store to store buying items from the list provided by the school. The lists get longer each year and prices higher.

Have you considered how unemployed parents or other financially disadvantaged parents afford school supplies? The honest answer is some cannot afford the supplies their kids need. Nor can they afford school clothes for their children. To ease the burden and help these parents save face, here are some items parents can donate to the school.

Buy an extra set of everything

Classrooms are always in need of extra writing accessories and everything else. Put two sets of everything in your cart and hand the extra to your child’s teacher.

If every financially able parent bought an extra set of basic classroom supplies, all the kids would have the materials for a successful learning experience.  

Donate craft supplies

Younger children do crafts in class often. With budget cuts, teachers buy the supplies with money out of their pockets. If parents come across craft or hobby supplies not in use, the school will take them.

Donate construction paper, kite string, glue sticks and tape, to name a few. These supplies help the teachers’ pay their bills and the children learn art appreciation.

Donate your time

Parents who have time to volunteer at their children’s school should do it. Teachers appreciate help at class parties, field trips and class performances.

Volunteer to read to children in the school’s library or classroom. Parents can help the school in many ways by just asking what they can do.

Bring shoes and clothing

Some schools maintain a room of donated clothing to give to those in need. The students come privately to pick what they need so others do not know. Ask your school administrator about any programs similar at their school.

The most needed items are shoes and coats. All other articles of clothing are accepted. Every child needs a winter coat and at least one good pair of shoes.

Donate sanitary products

Classrooms always need tissue for nose blowing. They also need hand soap and paper towels for drying. Many teachers insist each child have hand sanitizer, which makes it a great product to donate. Plastic cups and plates used for special occasions or art projects save schools money when donated.

Awards and prizes

Children enjoy getting a gold star on their spelling test and a certificate for passing a math test. These little prizes build self-esteem and give students visual rewards to take home.

Ask the school what acceptable prizes you can donate. They will give you a list and a thank you.

When you donate to your child’s school, you set a good example and help each child have supplies for success. The school system needs volunteer parents in many positions as class sizes grow. Parents need to stay involved with their children’s education.

Volunteering shows your children you care about education and you care about them.