Uses for Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes, they always seem to be around and like spare socks, reproduce some how.  They also come in all different sizes from the small sandals to boxes for size 17 cowboy boots.  One place that can always use shoe boxes is the school.  A smart school can use just about anything to save money, and shoe boxes can help you save money!

One thing you can use a shoe box at school for is literally to save money.  Put a slot in the top, stick somewhere prominent and use it to collect money for fund raisers.  You can also use it as a cash box for class yard sales or and function, such as the class play.  Yep, use that shoe box to save money!

You can also use it to save other things, such as pencils, pens and crayons.  Collect them through out the school year and stack them in a shoe box.  When a student looses their writing instrument, have them check “the box”.  Even if they do not find the one they lost, they can find one they can use!  Other things that can be stored  in old shoe boxes include puzzles and Lego, building blocks, plastic models and even small toys.  If the class has a science section, you can store and file insect or leaf collections.  Shoe boxes can also be used for storing paint and art supplies.  The possibilities are endless!

With larger shoe boxes, you can actually file papers in them.  If there are enough, you can label one for each student and it becomes their box.  They can put their home work in it each day or collect out the tests!  It is easier than having everything in a cabinet.  Put each child’s box under their seat. 

A novel idea for classroom use of a shoe box is to store shoes in them!  The shoe boxes can sit by the door and as children come into the classroom on a rainy day, they remove their shoes and place them in a box, then the box goes on a shelf.  The cleaning staff will really appreciate this and it will likely prevent wet, slippery floors.  Using shoe boxes in the classroom for shoes!

You can also make doll’s houses for play at young classrooms, do three dimensional dioramas, or make houses for the classroom pet!  Shoe boxes, great for use in the classroom.