Veterans Day Bulletin Board

Veteran’s Day is an important national holiday in this country. Celebrated yearly in November, Veteran’s Day is an opportunity to remember those who have served and died for this country.  Students as young as five can understand the basic principles of who a veteran is and why a country would celebrate their service. A Veteran’s Day bulletin board should be simple, yet striking, showcasing the service of these fine men and women. Here are five bulletin board design ideas that can be varied for different age groups.

1 – Have students bring in photographs of family members who have served or who are serving in the military. Showcase these on a patriotic colored background with the photographs displayed prominently. If students do not have a veteran in their family, encourage them to find the name of one by reading the local paper or asking family members or friends. Most people know the name of at least one veteran. If no picture is available, create cut-outs of the name and the time he or she served if it is available.

2 – Another idea for a Veteran’s Day bulletin board is to hang a world map. Have students research the parts of the world where the United States has fought in wars. Students could also research where in the world the United States’ military bases are located. These can be pinpointed on the world map. This can also be a multi-disciplinary board. Create a math lesson around determining how far these locations are from the United States. Identify continents for a simple social studies review.

3 – The history of Veteran’s Day is another idea for a bulletin board. This can be a teacher created board with all the information provided. Or students can research the history of Veteran’s Day and display it for other classes to see. Students should be encouraged to type their information in a word processing program. This integrates technology skills into the bulletin board as well.

4 – As a teacher, gather addresses of local veterans. These can be from veterans who are currently serving or those who have served in the past. Display these addresses on the bulletin board. Encourage students to write letters to these veterans. This bulletin board can also be displayed in a prominent area in the school to allow other classes to both add addresses and write letters.

5 – If you are looking for a simple, quick bulletin board, you can collect quotes and photos that relate to Veteran’s Day. Mount these on colored construction paper and attach them to the bulletin board. While simple to put together, quotes and photos can be very powerful on their own. Older students can discuss why the speaker made the quote that they did about Veteran’s Day.

Veteran’s Day is an important occasion in this country. Even young students can understand the basics of why this day is important. A well constructed Veteran’s Day bulletin board can assist in increasing the understanding of this day.