Ways that Primary School Teachers can Encourage Creative Thinking

It takes a lot of hard work on the part of the teacher to be able to bring creative thinking into the classroom. Its a very difficult task and requires a lot of thought and structure before it can be brought into the classroom.

One has to make sure that there is structure to the activities or it could quickly get out of hand and the students would quickly stop focusing on the task at hand and go off in a million different directions.

According to the website creativitymattersproject.blogspot.com/2010/03/how-can-teachers-promote-creativity.html one of the ways that a teacher can encourage creativity into the classroom is “to look for ways to make your lesson plan so it will encourage the kids to think about things in a different light.”

Pay attention to what the pupils like and have some passion for. If you are able to incorporate something that the students like into the everyday lessons they will be able to focus on the subject and run with it. Students are able to do some free thinking about things that they are passionate about and this in turn brings out their originality.

It is important for teachers to foster a productive environment to enable their students to become free thinkers. It is something that is often overlooked in today’s teaching but it really needs to be incorporated into the classroom.

According to the teacherthinking.net/thinking/webresources/robert_fisher_expandingminds.html website ” Creative students need creative teachers. One block may be defensive teaching. There is little chance for creativity where pupils work for long periods of time with low demand or little active input or where outcomes are controlled or prescribed, or complex subject taught in superficial ways.”

In other words teachers have to be willing to think outside of the box as well when they are teaching because if they only believe that there is just one solution to a given problem then they are not trying to help their students become more productive.Some of the best role models are the creative thinkers of the world such as the late Steve Jobs,because of his creative way of thinking he was able to come up with some of the best products in the world.

Pupils need to be challenged in their ways of thinking as there is not always one set way to solve things.

Creativity is something that is highly valued in the job market. Employers want their employees to be able to adapt to situations and examine things in a new light. They don’t want a bunch of robots that just do things like they are working on an assembly line, they want innovation and innovation could start in the classroom if its fostered in the right way.

It helps if the teacher can show the children by their examples how to be more constructive. Children feed off of their teachers if they see that they teacher has no interest or passion in the classroom, they become determined to be the same way. Teaching in many different ways help. Not all students learn the same way. Its great to have a variety of methods such as visual, audio and sometimes role playing in class.

Try to challenge the students and ask questions in a variety of ways, this helps them to see that there is not just one way of doing things.

Playing games and drawing a shape on the board and asking the kids what it could possibly be is one way to help them to visualize it in a different way. This is one idea that is mentioned on the teacherthinking.net/thinking/web resources/robert_fisher_expandingminds.html website.

What is all boils down to in the end is to make it a priority to encourage active learning in the classroom. Provide activities that will challenge and foster ways of thinking. Incorporate different methods of teaching such as visual, audio, written. Foster a place where children will feel at ease in their methods of thinking. Try to have lessons that have more than one type of answer. Today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders and innovators and if we foster it in the class they will be ready to take on the job market in the future and they will be able to roll with the punches that happen in everyday life. A teacher that does not foster a creative classroom is doing her pupils a great disservice.